Password protect a page in blogger

1. Go into your template (save a copy of your template first just in case!) and search for </b:skin> Paste this directly after

<!–MBT PASSWORD PROTECT CODE –><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

2. Create a page in Blogger and add all of your content.

3. Click the HTML button and copy everything you would like encrypted. You can add non-protected text above and below the encrypted portion if you like.

4. Go to

5. In the key box type your desired password

6. In the plain text box paste the text you copied and click encrypt

7. Copy the code from the HTML box and paste it back into your page. You can change ‘Show encrypted text’ to say whatever you like.

8. Save and test it out!

9. For advanced users: You can change it from saying ‘Enter the decryption key’ by adding another parameter decryptText(‘uniqueID’, ‘Enter the password:’)

Note: comments are not able to be protected, so you may want to turn those off if you don’t want anyone spilling the beans.


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