How to Make Money with Pinterest - Adsense

Things you will need
1. Pinterest account
2. Adsense account
3. Website or blog

Go to the "popular" page of Pinterest, repin photos. Stay active, pin everyday, and try to build your followers count. This is important and will help your traffic.

Each photo on pinterest links to a page, the trick here is to change the link on every photo to your website's link. Each time someone repins, likes, or clicks your pin, there is more of a chance your website will be visited.

Put adsense ads on your website or blog

Website or Blog
Now that you have a website or blog with adsense ads now all you will need to do is drive traffic to this page.

With a good amount of traffic coming in from pinterest, you will notice an increase in your adsense earnings. Pinterest is also great for building backlinks and getting your website ranked with google.


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